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Friday, October 9, 2015 more pouches!

Before I post about the pouches....yes, I did remove the 'old' binding from my Hex Horse#2 and replaced it!  NOW I'm happy with my hex horse!  Just a lesson to myself that I can't rush my work!  I dont' have a sleeve on yet so I just laid the quilt on top of a piece of foam.  It measures 16" x 20".

Well, maybe no more pouches!  I've had so much fun making these buggers.  This past weekend I stamped some fabric to make two more pouches to take to my fiber art meeting next week.  My hand made stamp is getting ready to be thrown out and replaced.  Now I need to think back on how I made it!  HA

This was a batik fabric that I stamped.

Another commercial piece of fabric that I stamped with white paint.  There are small circles in the black fabric that do show up.

I did some hand stitching on these bags and a bead or two!  Go figure!

And this next one was from two pieces of compliment fabrics I had.  I did some hand stitching along with some french knots.  Just fun to make!

So I think I'm now done with pouches for awhile!  I have another little fun project to attempt!  Let's hope it takes my mind off pouches!


  1. Love the hexie horse piece, love the stamping, love the pouches……you go girl!!!!

  2. Beautiful binding on an exquisite hexie horse work of HeArt. Did I miss you making pouches? These are wonderful and with your artsy addition of stamping on the fabric along with hand stitching and beads...WOW!!! So many talents and so little time!

  3. Your hexie horse turned out great. I love the contrast in color from the horse to the background. Those pouches are fabulous! I definitely think I could use a couple of those. I love, love, love the stamped fabric. I can't see any of your embellishments in the pouches (my eyes are terrible), but I'm sure they really add to the charm of the pouch. You know how I love handwork.

  4. Glad you're happy with your binding- it's one of those things, if you hadn't done it, it would catch your attention. looks great. Love the stamped fabrics- hope you can replicate your stamp!

  5. The pouches are adorable and so functional...good job!


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