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Thursday, November 12, 2015

Well, I am doing something!

Life is starting to get back to normal with Gigi's foot healing!  Thank goodness for that and for our little girl feeling better!!

I made another fiber card from fabric I stamped and painted using one of my handmade stamps.

and I started to quilt some fabric to make some more cards for November and December BD's.

And you know how much I love making the 3D I made another one today for a friend of my neighbor.

See I'm working!!!  Not a lot, but working!!!


  1. Your ‘not a lot’ is very impressive!!! Grinning….

  2. I totally love your handmade's fantastic! So glad your little Gigi is doing better...we do love our little furries like they were our children.

  3. Gosh, it sounds to me like you are getting a lot done. Wish I was making as much progress. Glad the toe is better.

  4. I love smallish projects. You're getting lots done. The stamped card is pretty- reminds me of indigo prints. Glad Gigi is doing better. That's been a long haul, poor little girl. She's had her challenges in life. Glad she has you.

  5. So happy GiGi is finally healing. Your projects are beautiful and I know how great you must feel to be able to be creative. I love those snowflakes and must make one. Creative Bliss Dear...


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