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Thursday, November 19, 2015

Just an old piece of work

Since I can't show my current piece I'm working on until November 30th, how about a look back at one of my larger pieces.  This was a piece from 2009 where I used some sun prints I did while at a workshop by Mickey Lawler.  May be hard to see but I have beads on the upper borders and some larger beads along the bottom.  Surprise!  Right!
Nature Becomes My Muse
Measures 36" x 55"

I'm not sure what the leaf was I used to sun print with but it was huge.  I ended up with four prints but for the life of me I don't know what I did with the other two! my stash somewhere I'm sure...or perhaps I made a quilt with them.  Guess I should look into that.  The leaf blocks are 19.5" x 15.5".

Anyway, I made the raw edge applique leaves by layering fabric onto some type of batting or backing.  For the life of me I can't remember...but they aren't flush on the quilt...and actually I sewed them on after I quilted the piece.  Might be hard to see them here...they are on the bottom as well as around the borders.

I painted over my free motion quilting words and flower edges as well as the leaf quilting.  Just gave it some glitz!  HA 

There's a great book called 'Fall Photographs' by Christopher Griffiths that I used to make my leaves. This is a fantastic book that displays one leaf on each of the large pages of this book. Really cool if you're into leaves or just photography.  

Speaking of leaves....Linda McLaughlin does wonderful hand stitching and this is her second or 3rd  year of creating a "weekly leaf" stitching project (along with her daily stitching project(s)!).  I commented on one of her blog posts recently that starting in January 2016 I am going to create a weekly stitched leaf.  You have to head over to Linda's blog and see her stunning work!!!  My followers know how much I love hand stitching  and seeing what Linda does on a daily/weekly basis certainly does get me inspired.  To get an idea of her weekly leaf pieces, go here.  And when you are finished viewing her beautiful work for the weekly leaves for this year, then go to her home page and check out all her other posts/tabs.

I think you'll see how she inspired me to get started on my own weekly leaf project!!  How about you???  Up for a weekly or eve daily stitching project!


  1. What a pleasure to see this older piece……your talent goes way back doesn’t it!!!

  2. Oh man! You probably won't believe this but I am planning on making a hand stitched leaf for our exchange. All mapped out, just have to execute it! Hope it translates properly.

  3. Thanks for the mention of me and for the book suggestion, I've just ordered my copy. Love your leaves.

  4. This is a great've had wonderful success with sun printing . I did check out Linda the Leaf gal and inspiring...thanks for the link!


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