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Tuesday, November 17, 2015

More Zipper Work...just not mine!

I'm finishing up some hand stitching on my 'texture' piece for our online challenge.  I hope to get the binding on later this week...maybe on Thursday since I'll be gone the rest of this week.

This past Saturday I met up with my bud, Alice and her friend to check out the ReZip-It open house!  Heather's work is amazing.

She uses zippers to make her art work and jewelry and it's so unique.  Check out her Etsy site here or if you're on FaceBook, you can check out her FB page here.  Of course, each of us did purchase some items!  Go figure!

This piece can be either a pin or a hair clip!  Heather makes these in so many different colors.  And even in black or white.

 After the open house, we had a nice lunch in the area then I headed home to walk dogs and watch the Michigan game!  Talk about a nail biter!  And then the Lions on Sunday!  No wonder I drink!

Monday was 63 degrees and sunny...I took the dogs for a ride to the bank, library and post office then for a walk around town.  It was just a beautiful  day out  and  perfect for for walking!

 Gotta love just never know what the weather will be...they are predicting snow possibly by the weekend...well, it is mid November, right!


  1. Oh my, those zipper pieces are lovely! thanks for the link. The girls look fluffed and buffed for their outing. I'm sure everyone who sees them together has to stop for a pet. Went to Osborne Family Lights display with my daughter at MGM Studios Disney Sunday night. Astounding display, but the crowds were just too much. Add in everyone trying to take selfies, and we made as quick a walk through as we could.

  2. Your texture piece is looking wonderful with your hand sewing and beading. Heather really does nice work in zippers. Kaylee and GiGi look very dashing and ready for an outing. 63 is the high inside our home with the heater on! It has been quite cold here. Last Winter was so warm...maybe we will get lots of rain and snow this year. Creative Bliss Dear...

  3. This post just now showed up in my email! Wonder where it has been all this time. Anyway...I love the zipper art. I swear I saw some of her work when we were on vacation out East this fall. I definitely will be checking out her Facebook page and Etsy site. Thanks for sharing. (Of course, I love your texture piece too.)


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