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Wednesday, November 18, 2015

The countdown begins!

Well, we'll be heading south six weeks from this past Monday!  YIKES!  I always say that every's not that I have that much to do before we leave...after all, let's face it I should know what to take and what not to take, right!  The hardest part is the day before we leave...that's when I finish all the laundry and 'help' Bob packs his clothes.  Of course, it's like a marathon the day we leave making sure everything is ready for our house sitters (thanks Lori and Randy!).

This is what the back seat and back of my SUV looks like!  yes, I take pictures each year just so I know how and where to pack items!!

It doesn't seem possible that it's the holiday season already!  Time certainly goes by so fast the older we get, doesn't it!

I'm just not ready to leave my home yet.  I love Florida and our friends but I'm getting so bad about leaving home.

I do get teased by my friends about not wanting to travel more than 30 minutes or miles!  But today I am venturing out with my friend, Carol. We're headed to Lansing to a quilt, not for me, for Carol.  She's looking for a special fabric that Country Stitches carries.  Years ago, when I still worked, my daughter and I wwould make this trip (it's over an hour from  me!) to buy batik fabric(s) when they had their big sale.  I won't even tell you how much we would spend....let's just say I still have some of those batiks in my fabric stash!

Anyway, it should be a nice day out and of course, lunch!  That will get me to travel a few miles!   HA


  1. As soon as the snow flies……you’ll be so ready to pack up that car!!!

  2. Our first snow in the forecast for Friday..I'd go south in a heart beat!!

  3. I love being a home-body. My home makes me happy. I have NO wanderlust like my husband who is "DRIVEN!!!". He always wants to be on the go...but not for shopping. Enjoy your day of retail therapy and lunch.

  4. Enjoy your day out to the quilt shop. I'm with you- when I get a chance to be at home for a day with no other demands, I really value it. Car photos are really a good plan- so much to keep track of, and now Gigi's first FL trip.


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