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Friday, November 6, 2015



Can't believe Darrin is 47!  But then I can't believe how old I am either!!!   He works seven days a week at his job which worries me.  He needs to work a normal schedule although Dawn is just as bad.  I think it has to do with the job force and technology now a days.  You never get away from work and both kids don't take enough time for themselves.  The kids keep both Kris and Darrin also busy with their sports and school.  Nothing a mom can do, right!

 Today will be friend Carol lost her mom this week. I feel so bad for her as she lost her sister this past winter and her father this her mom.    I'm headed to the funeral home in Farmington then off to meet the kids for dinner in Lake Orion to celebrate with the birthday boy and the rest of the kids!  

I am stitching on my 'texture' piece for our online challenge that is due the end of the month.   This is a sneak peak.

 Tomorrow is bath day for the 'girls' and football on Sunday should be a good stitching day.  I already did my  laundry this week so that's crossed off my list!  HA


  1. Your life seems to be as busy as your kids!!! But aren’t we lucky to have such a passion for life!!!

  2. My daughter is 41. I can't believe that she and my neices and nephews are so old...when did they become adults!!! So sad for your friend to lose so many close to her in such a short time. Your textured piece looks interesting.

  3. Mary is right, you stay plenty busy, too. Had to chuckle at your take on his age- I remember seeing a news article about our son that said "Longtime Fulton businessman Lee Roberts." What??? How can my young son be a longtime businessman? That's just not possible. Get them to take some time and visit you in FL to slow down a little.

  4. Condolences to your friend on the loss of her mom. Continue to stay busy my dear. Happy Birthday to your handsome son. We are truly blessed to be able to keep going.


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