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Saturday, February 14, 2015

Tiffany all finished!

Yea...well, you might get tired of seeing this piece in progress...but it's finally finished!  Which means, this is the last post of my Tiffany Peacock! Woohoo!

Yes I did add a sequin and bead for the eye!  Have to have at least one bead on my piece!!!

Well, it's 99.9% finished.....I didn't notice until I took this detail you see the little 'unfinished' area!!  Look at the bottom feather on your right!   DANG!

So guess the next time I need a little hand work for a few minutes this will be it!  HA

 And, no, I won't post another picture when I finish this stitching!


  1. Absolutely Stunning Tiffany Peacock. I read a blog post where the author now uses her digital macro camera to photo and "read" things that are otherwise obscure. Pretty smart I thought. Looks like you did this tip on the feathers. Truly Exquisite Dear...

  2. Very, very nice done. You can be proud of it!

  3. Beautiful! I couldn't find the unfinished area until you pointed it out.

  4. It's gorgeous- so heavily quilted, pretty. Don't you wonder how we manage to overlook those areas? It's common practice in my projects. But this turned out beautifully!


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