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Thursday, October 9, 2014


Quilling...really...another technique to fill up my day!  And no, I didn't misspell 'quilting'....I meant QUILLING...don't you remember this little craft we did about 40+ years ago!  Well, I fact, I still had some quilling papers from who knows how long ago!  I remember doing this 'craft' when my kids were babies...they are now 45 & brought all this 'quilling' back into my life!

I follow Eva Maria Keiser's blog which isn't a blog in the sense of some blogs...she posts on different artists, different art forms,  some of her own work and just really interesting links.  Last weekend she posted on "quilled paper illustrations and sculptures" by  Yulia Brodskaya.  You have to check out her web site and her work.  This takes the work "quillling" to a whole new level.  Just amazing work!

So...I had to look and see where I had stashed some quilling paper...I never throw anything out, right!  Well, I found it and started playing!  

So what am I or what did I do with these little lovelies!

Talk about mindless work...I love it.  I've had hearts on the brain the past few weeks thinking about the 25+ fiber cards I need to make for February.  Seeing the qulling made me wonder if I could make some cards using some of the pieces I quilled.  The only problem I see is they would not withstand being put on fiber cards being sent through the mail.  I could put on card stock and place inside envelopes, so that might work...who I need another project, right!  But what else would I be doing!  As long as my 'house' chores and cooking are done, my time is my time!!  And best be busy, rather than sitting around eating bon bons and watching TV!

Works for me!  Although, the bon bon part does sound really good!


  1. O yes, I remember. We are the same age I suppose. Here it is called "filigraan".

  2. Fun stuff. And you kept the tool and paper! Just made some paper beads along the same principle. Mindless is right but satisfying results.

  3. Have you no LIMIT!! ~lol~ I never did quilling and I must admit I read your title as "quilting" silly me. Interesting. The only quilling I remember seeing was done in neutral color.

  4. I remember qulling from before and from now. I never got very good at it though. I do love your quilled heart. Creative Quilling Bliss...


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