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Sunday, October 12, 2014


Well, lots of congratulations this weekend for the grand kids!!! 

First up, Kayla and Nate are engaged!!!!  We are SO happy for these kids!  Does Kayla look surprised!  I dare say she is!!!!
Nate is a delight and such a nice young man.  He and Kayla have had a long distance relationship due to schooling and jobs but I think they see the finish line!  They are so cute together and are such wonderful couple.  What an exciting time for the family!

Kayla called and talked to Bob yesterday but I'm sure we'll get more detail on how this 'surprise' happened when he talks to Ron tonight.  Can't wait to hear the details...I was out walking Kalee or I would have inquired!

And congrats to Nick and his team...they are 1st place in their division and are now on to the championship games!  Woo hoo!  Proud mom and dad!  And Nick's even smiling!  Auntie is the team's photographer and I'm not sure how she got Nick to smile, but she did it!!  Way to go Auntie!
We are so lucky to have such great kids!


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