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Monday, October 20, 2014

12 inch block exchange

Tommy had her 'challenge' again this year with four of us participating.  We each made 12" finished blocks to exchange with each other.  They can be the same, different...whatever.  I'm really so pleased with the blocks I received!!  Check them out!!!

This is Gayle's block!  I love her use of different quilting designs as well as the use of silk!  It's quite stunning!!

And this is Tommy's block!  So "Tommy" like!  I love how she creates her block to look like a piece of art work you would hang on a wall.

I just received MaryAnn's block today!  How cool is appears she screen printed fabric then sponged metallic paint on a piece of fabric for the leaf!

You have to see this in person...

And as an extra bonus, MaryAnn  wrapped the block in piece of the original fabric she used!


And this is the piece I made for myself!  You can see the ones I made for the other ladies here.   This is always so much fun to do!  Sure hope I can get my name in hat again, if Tommy decides to do this next year!

I love all of the blocks I received!  Thank you each!!!!  They'll be going in my 'quilt block book'!!


  1. I love all of mine too! I want to do it again too. Now to paint the hall I want to hang them in...

  2. I don't have a 'wall', put all mine in a quilt block book!! You can see my 'book'on my blog...

  3. Each one more gorgeous than the next!

  4. How very fun to swap 12" quilt blocks. Each one very unique. They will look fabulous in your Quilt Block Book and it will be easy to view them whenever you like. Creative Swapping Bliss...

  5. I was just about to ask you about your "quilt block book" and see you have a link to the blogpost....The blocks are beautiful...what a fun thing to do...

  6. Oh my, really nice! What a treat to get all those blocks. The book is a great idea to keep them together and just peruse them from time to time. You and your travel friends will need to take a road trip when you're down here to Melrose to see the galleries and have lunch out. And go see the gorilla at Animal Kingdom, too!


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