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Sunday, October 26, 2014

Just another Sunday...

Coffee, stitching and football..although, it's weird to be watching football at 9:30 in the morning.  I still don't get the football "across the pond" but if the Lions are playing,  we'll be watching regardless of the time!

I did finish all the hand stitching in the blocks on 'hex horse' last night.   I'm pleased with the stitching and think it worked much better than doing any free motion work on the piece.

I'm leaning to not put beads on my horse!  Duh!  What, you say!  I'm afraid it will be overkill and based on the work of Ugo who is the inspiration for this piece, I'm not sure yet.  I may try some but who knows.  I also am thinking of binding it rather than facing but again not sure!  I have a nice golden brown piece of batik that may look good and pull in the colors of the horse.

 So what to work on as I'm deciding!  Start hand stitching on my Tiffany peacock, of course! I've already quilted the background and now it's time to start stitching the feathers.

My thought is to hand stitch small feathers inside each of area of the bird. I can see it in my head but....I just penciled in what I consider to be feathers!

So while the Lions are trying to get some points in this game!  I'll start stitching to see which threads I'll use.  I have some Aurifil 28 wt, Maderia Lana and,of course my go-to, embroidery threads to try.  This may take awhile just deciding which thread to use!  Decisions, decisions......


  1. The stitching on your horse is beautiful.

  2. Will the Lions did it again.....hope the Packers can beat the Saints tonight!!!

  3. Robbie your details on fabric are what really make your art quilts come to life. The Hexie Horse background stitching is just right...Gorgeous! Hexie Horse might need just a sprinkling of beads in his mane and tail? Peacock tail feathers in handstitching will be epic. Your quilting is stunning. Creative Thread Bliss Dear...


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