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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Stitches, stitches and more stitches!

I really have  made progress on the hand stitching for the hex horse.  And thank goodness for the gals at our fiber meeting.  I took the hex horse with me to the meeting yesterday showing the stitching I had done.  You can see some of the stitching....

Now, look closely for some 'plain' areas, which are mainly in blue.

And yes, his legs are upside down...and his butt is sideways in the pic above...just look at the plain areas.

 Someone asked how or what I would stitch in the 'plain' squares - or I should say the non stamped pieces.  I said I wasn't sure if I would do some free motion quilting or hand work.  They suggested that I continue with the same line type hand stitching and carry that theme in the plain areas as well.  What a great suggestion!

They also gave me the suggestion to use some rust/gold threads, very small amounts, within the piece.  How great to get the input from talented friends!!!  Now I'm anxious to get needle and thread back to this piece...BUT first....

I'm also hand stitching on my Rick Loudermilk piece.  I've only stitched two of the ovals and three of the triangles.  This will go on the back burner...hex horse is calling me first!
Well, maybe not first....I get email blog updates from Simply Maggie, this is the same young lady who showed us how to 'arm knit'...remember that!  Well, she posted a free pattern in that email for a cute chunky cowl, which I just had to make!

FREE Tri-Style Cowl Pattern
So yesterday I picked up two skeins of Chunky Wool Ease yarn and today I started to kit the cowl.
This is how far I got today...I have about nine more inches or so to go.  But I think it will be cute to wear.  Now it's off to watch Survivor!  Yes, I'm a die hard Survivor fan...never missed a season yet!


  1. 520Lovely, lovely stitching on all your projects!

  2. Great suggestions from your friends. Your stitchery is excellent. Fun knit cowl. Creative ProjectS Bliss...

  3. Oh the detail and interest those stitches add! And you've taken a little knitting break. You sure get lots done! Things are settling down here a bit. Need to get back to my blog soon. Getting ready for the guild quilt show in early November. Love that Kalee is being an "ambassador" on her visits. Bet the residents love to see her.


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