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Friday, October 3, 2014

Busy week but still working!

The week started off just great with Kalee having her 1st day as a therapy dog here in town!!

She did so my friends know I've been working on this for quite sometime!  We'll be going to the Assisted Living facility once a week until we head south.  When we come back in the spring, they should have the Memory Assistance building, just next to the Assisted Living facility, open so we'll either combine visits or visit twice a week.  I am a proud mom!   You can see more pictures on Kalee's blog here.

In between hand stitching on my hex horse, I have started on another project (machine work this time!) for our Master's Exhibit.  Our fiber group of six decided last month we would use a gallery wrapped canvas to put art work on.  This is the technique I've shown before on my blog and the most current post here.

We also decided that we would all create the art work based on the inspiration from the same artist, Rick Loudermilk.  His work is quite pleasing and I think adapts well to an art quilt.

Yesterday, I sewed strips of fabric (brown and white) together and today sandwiched the strips so I could machine quilt them.


I should have turned this pic as my strips will be vertical!  I stitched in the ditch then did some free motion quilting....which I didn't like!

So I spent about 20 min. ripping out all the free motion work!

If you look close you can see the stitches or should I say 'holes'!  I just sprayed with water and ironed the piece so all was well.  Then I stitched the triangles above...I'll be doing more of those or at least outlining the tri's.  I want to paint one of the sections in the triangles to match the brown in the other strips.

I'll also be adding some circles using some painted fusible or painted webbing in circles....I know..hard to picture what I want to do.  Bob didn't get it either!  But I have the pictures in my mind!  Now to transfer to my quilt!

Nick's football game is tomorrow but rain is coming..actually, we had lots of rain today.  Temp was warm (mid 60's) but heavy rain.  I just came back from Kalee's walk and it's quite decent  out now that the rain stopped.  Just wet...but guess I better get used to it!  They don't play football inside do they!


  1. Kaylie is the perfect fluffy dog for visiting the elderly! I bet you ARE proud!

  2. OH nice Kalie! What a sweet dog.....

  3. What a very successful week you've had!!!

  4. Congratulations to Kalee and yourself for working so hard to be the very best and most adorable therapy duo. Oh I can totally picture you un-stitching all your free motion quilting you didn't like. The triangles will be wonderful and your vision of embellishments can only enhance this beyond beautiful. Creative Therapy Bliss...


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