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Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Still working away

I thought I was making quite a lot of progress on my hex horse hand stitching but golly!  This one is taking some time!  I looked at it closer and I'm only about 30% finished!

I machine stitched some of the hex lines and there is some 'loft' to the horse as I used wool batting.

You can see a slight 'puff' can't you?

On the pieces that I stamped with my circle/line stamp, I'm stitching cross ways then outlining with small stitches.

I think these two pictures show some of the stitching and the stamped line. Obviously, I'm not stitching each one of those lines!  I'm nuts but not totally crazy!

There will be some stab stitching and who knows what other pattern I'll end up doing.  But at least it's keeping me busy at night!

Today is Kalee's 2nd day at her job!!  Let's hope it goes as well as her first day!!  So off I/we go!!


  1. Honestly this piece is such a WINNER!!

  2. What a fabulous horse you are creating! Cheers from CArole's Chatter

  3. You have so much patience! All that stitching. Amazing.

  4. Your stitching will bring this Hexie Horse to life! Fabulous piece of art my friend. Dare to Delight...


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