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Friday, October 19, 2012

More circles!

"It's my party/blog, and I can cry/post if I want to!"  Personally, I like having my blog to document the process I go through with my art work (at least it's art work to me!).  Helps me look back to see how/what I did!  Heaven knows my memory isn't what it used to be!
So if you're bored looking at circles and my process, plz feel free to bypass today's read!

Another 'blog mate', JILL (ha, got it right didn't I, Jill!) over at The Quilt Rat posted on using sticky dots to mark her circles.  Jill was filling in the area around the circles with free motion quilting.  You can read about and see her beautiful quilting here
I got thinking of some other design for one of my patchwork circles and thought, I'll use Jill's suggestion! 

The circles worked perfect to stitch around!  A great tip...thanks (again!) Jill. 

I worked on these circles and filling in with stab stitch while watching our Tiger's win to advance to the World Series!!  Now that's a good thing!!!

I'm almost finished with this circle...just need to continue filling in the outside circle, then on to the next one!  Seems like these circles are multiplying during the night!  I keep thinking I only have one more to go and low and behold, there pops another one!!! 
Yesterday I met my friend Joan, who lost her hubby this past summer,  for a lunch at Olive Garden!  We really had a nice visit and I'm looking forward to meeting her again before we head south.  Joan is a wonderful artist, working in oils and acrylics.  I'm going to her home on our next visit so I hope to 'remember' to take my camera and some pictures of her art.

 I also stopped at the bead store and picked up some Tila beads and clasps I had on order.  I want to make a gray/black Tila bracelet and now I can put the clasp on my Tila bracelet I made in August.  I had to order the 6 prong clasp so now I can finish it!

Today is Dr. appt with my GB surgeon!  I'm doing really well and gaining wt back!  Can't believe I'm saying "yippee" to that!  But my pants were so baggy I looked like the 'bag lady' wearing her bag! 


  1. Ah.. a great idea. I saw Jill's post, and this really works well with your circles. The stab stitches look nice inside the (endless) circles.

  2. COOL!!!!! You know I LOVE circles. This piece has me quite intrigued.....looking forward to seeing more. :-)

  3. Robbie Dear you have taken Jill's circles and made them uber interesting with all of your hand stitching. Great way to use the wonderful sharing of techniques that occur here in our blog community. Blissful...


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