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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

On a wing and a prayer

Well, one wing finished and 3 to go! At this rate I might be finished this time next year!! I did get to bead in the afternoon while little one napped (as did big one! - Hubby). I do enjoy working on this piece because I can pick it up anytime to work on. Gotta love any hand work. I did also get some of the quilting done on my daughter's table topper. I cut out lots of organza leaves and will be ready for the next step of placing them.

It's almost like an old folks home around here...between Bob's aliments and mine we look like we're ready for the 'camp' for old folks. More Dr. appointments this week so at least we'll get out and about for a few hours! We're saying our prayers all goes well with those!

Tomorrow Kalee and I go to our first puppy kindergarten class! I just wish it were during the daytime rather than 6 p.m. Guess they don't have much luck with the day class. The only other day class didn't start until mid November and we just can't wait that long to train Bob and I! Housebreaking has been the easiest part of raising Kalee, as is her sitting good for food, letting us take food or toys from her mouth...but when she plays, even by herself, keep your hands out of the way! My arms look like I've been through the woods! I'm just not quick enough! But I'm positive about her being trained (or me being trained) so I know this phase will pass.


  1. Butterfly is looking good! Oh those little needle-like teeth.. I've had arms like yours and remember them well. Night school? Puppy and you will both be tired by the time class rolls around. By the way, might you be willing to do a lecture/trunk show for our guild when you are here? Your work is so beautiful and varied, and I know everyone would enjoy seeing it. And I'd enjoy meeting you. If you are at all interested, e-mail me your phone number and a time of day that works, and I can call to talk about it.

  2. Your beading is beautiful!

    Puppy claws and teeth ...Beware!! But its all worth it, huh.

    Hope you two get over your aches, pains and getting older issues. I can sympathize with that!!

  3. I love this butterfly!

    Good luck with the puppy -- remember, it's just a short phase and you'll have a wonderful companion.

    I hope you two are feeling well soon.

  4. Your beading in this butterfly is really special.


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