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Thursday, September 8, 2011

This is a sneak piece at the 'trade' Sally, over at Sally's Stuff blog, and I arranged. I made this cuff for her and she's making me a thermo fax screen! I'll be heading to the post office later this afternoon to mail her cuff. If you aren't familar with Sally's work go and check out her blog! She'll be coming to Houston in the fall as two of her art quilts are part of exhibits at the IQA show! How cool is that!

Today is another rainy day but Bob and I still have to go out to a Dr. appointment for him. Over the weekend he developed facial swelling which really had me concerned. We went to ER on Sunday but the Dr. thought it was inflammation of some glands or ducts. It seemed to go down some but yesterday the swelling was back. Not as bad again today but he still needs to be checked.

No new handwork for me yet! I want to make my daughter a table topper for her round coffee table using organza for the leaves. She showed me some designs so I have part of a plan but no work on it yet!! Just too busy playing MOM! Yikes! Kalee is like having a two year old to keep you on your toes. But it's SO well worth it!! We smile all the time and she's doing so good at sleeping through the night and her potty time outside.

Well, off to get ready to dodge rain drops, first with Kalee and then with Bob!


  1. Wow Robbie! The cuff is awesome!

    I'll be watching the mail!


  2. Hey Robbie! I hope thinking about Mandy is getting easier. I am so in love with Kalee already- don't even have to meet her to know it! She looks like a dust bunny! So tiny. We saw a puppy on a walk yesterday (a 2-lb baby Chihuahua; a real "purse dog") and I was over the moon, you forget how wonderful holding a little baby puppy is! Then I watched it run and bounce non-stop for the next ten minutes and I remembered how exhausting puppies can be. Good luck keeping up with your newest family member!!!


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