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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Just playing

Just a quick post today. Of course I had to play with all I learned from Jill yesterday! This is my piece which is about 8" x 6". I just used some poly organza I had on hand.

I did notice that you have to watch which side you are sewing to! Well, duh! The middle piece is backwards from all the rest! It was enjoyable working on it and once Mary and I get our order for some silk organza we'll make our first Bojagi piece.
I also finished the cuff I was 'beading on the loom' and now I need to weave the 60! warp threads and add the cuff! It's almost finished, Sally!! I don't want to show any pictures until Sally receives it. I'll post our 'trade' story in a later post.
And I am working on my beaded butterfly for my journal piece. I keep forgetting to look up the name of this butterfly but it's from Hawaii...that's all I can remember about it...that and its colors are black, white and red! We've had some wonderful pleasant summer days with no air conditioning needed! We did turn it on last night as the humidity and thunderstorms started. Today doors and windows are open and so far it's pleasant. Temps are suppose to get up to 90 today but turning rainy and cold for the holiday weekend. Go figure! So I guess the air will get its workout again!


  1. Your playtime is really paying off.. can't wait to see the butterfly completed.

  2. Hi Robbie,

    You have been busy, I have order my book and when it is here I will have a try. Cheers

  3. This transparent stuff is really interesting -- I might just have to play around with it. In my spare time, of course.

  4. So you're playing with bojagi too! Mary Ruth Smith had some examples at her workshop and I've been wanting to try it. The "watch which side you're sewing to," part sounds tricky, though. I can't wait to see what you do with the silk organza.


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