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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

A Bojagi Day!

No, it's not my work!! This is a beautiful, transparent quilt made by Jill Ault from Ann Arbor. I was SO lucky today to go with my friend, Mary, to Jill's house for her to show us the 'Bojagi' technique! I wrote a post on Bojagi here and showed a small piece one of our fiber members was working on. Of course I had to get the book, Bojagi & Beyond by Chunghie Lee, and we jumped on Jill's invitation for her demo!

This is another one of Jill's transparent quilts she had on her design board. But if you really want to see some wonderful art work, in addition to Jill's transparent quilts, go to her web site. Jill is a true artist and works in several different media.

Jill started out showing the process using silk organza and the sewing machine! Who knew! I thought we'd be doing all hand stitching...not to say you couldn't but Jill showed us how to be careful and it wasn't all that difficult to stitch on the machine.

This is a piece that Jill sewed showing us how to stitch over all those layers. She didn't miss a step and made us feel like we could even make a 20 foot transparent quilt! OK, maybe just a 20 inch quilt! But I think we're able...although, I'll start out with a 10" or 12" block or maybe just some squares.

This was another piece I happened to notice on another design board Jill had. It was actually black silk organza and was beautiful!! Do you see the design in the background? Also, there are seed beads in each of the small corners. Click on the picture to see the piece up close!

And this is the back of the piece above. Jill also does shibori and she bleach/resist the design! I love this piece!! I know, you're thinking it must have been the beads!

There is something about the process and results from this technique that I am just so obsessed about. We're going to order some silk organza and yes, you can dye it. Jill said it picks up the colors beautifully. She showed us some of her shibori pieces and if you look closely at the multi colored piece in the 2nd picture you'll see some of the shibori pieces she dyed.

After our lesson, we went to Casey's Tavern for lunch! No margarita for me! But I did have a cherry pop! I haven't had cherry pop since I was in high school! Remember the good old days of cherry or chocolate coke? That's what the cherry pop reminded me of! Anyway, we had a really good lunch and I learned more about Jill. She's quite a talented lady and I'm so lucky Mary invited me on this journey! Now to get busy and finish a piece! Have to make our 'teacher' proud of us! But first, I have to watch our TIGERS play! It's 0 - 0 in the top of the 6th inning! A nail biter but at least I can work on my bead loom!


  1. Oh No! Robbie! What have you done! I've been trying to ignore Bojagi! Now it's come right up to the top of the list of things to try next! Beautiful images - thank you so much!


  2. This is beautiful and I can't wait to see what you will do.

    Thanks for sharing this.

  3. That looks so interesting. I used to sew and I never even thought about putting silk near a machine! Who knew?


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