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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Just some more tangles

Before I show more of my is the Humbug bag I made for my friend as a BD gift. Karen does a lot of hand work in addition to her art quilts so I made her bag a little larger to hold all her different threads she might need to carry around. I just noticed my bag I made over a year ago is sitting in the background. I use my bag for carrying my needles, threads, small scissors...all the essentials for hand applique or just sewing on binding. I think Karen will use hers as well...let's hope!
Here is the 1st tile I did in class on Monday. I have tiles I ordered before and I was looking at the work I did on those and the work I did on Monday! huge difference! I can't believe all the tips I got from the class with Sheryl!

This was my 2nd tangle. I think we did learn seven different tangles.

Sheryl showed me two pieces of shrinky dink she had tangled and then beaded! So on Tues. I got out the shrinky dink and did a small 3" square of different tangles. Here's the piece shrunk! I'm putting it on the front of a note card. My hubby said I should make a necklace but I don't think I would wear one...but who knows!

And while I sat outside in our beautiful Michigan weather yesterday I tangled two more note cards. I made up a set last Sept. for my daughter of note cards in black and she really liked them. They make great little gifts.

No tangling today! It was my last full day with the kids until after school starts. We ran some errands and then played 'putt putt'. It was fun and we had a good time. Tomorrow is our CCC fiber meeting and lots going on there. I hope to have some good show and tell to inspire you with on Friday!


  1. Fun tangling. And on the black... now that's an interesting look. I had not seen it done that way. Very nice!

  2. Great humbug bags. Love your tangles...especially the white on black. Happy tangling...

  3. Robbie where can I find a pattern for the humbag? I love it!

  4. These are very cool, Robbie! You are so good at these. The bag is great too, love those colors.


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