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Friday, August 26, 2011

AAQI donation

My AAQI donation quilt

My quilt represents the changes that come with life and with diseases. Especially Alzheimer's, which destroys the memory one worm hole at a time.
I finished the facing and just need to put on the sleeve and it's ready to mail. I've already registered my quilt (#8013) with Ami Simms AAQI. There are some really nice pieces you can still purchase or you could still donate a small art quilt!

I did start on another cuff but I'll only be showing the start of it as it's for a 'trade' I'm working on with another blogger. More on that when I've finished and she's received her cuff! This will be a fun exchange! Last night we had our fiber guild meeting. We did have a great show and tell again and I'll post pics over the weekend. As of late, we've been having major discussions as to the direction of our group. We've been together for 9 years and I think have done just about every technique there is! That's part of our we're just trying to think of things to do monthly and it's becoming more of a chore than a learning experience. I emailed Jane Dunnewold (author of Complex Cloth - and other books), who we based our groups direction on. Jane was kind enough to provide some good feedback which we discussed last night. Not sure what our conclusion was but I'll be working on the writeup for everyone later today.

It appears many groups end up in this dilemma needing a new direction. A lot of consideration has to include facilities, meeting time(s) and a direction that meets every ones interest...and with up to 13 women that's a tall order! Hard enough to get 3 women to agree on something! I think we'll figure it out and continue on. There's so much talent in our group that you hate to miss seeing what they have to show at the meeting. Personally, that's the best part seeing what folks have worked on. Our problem is, we don't take the time to investigate or have the artist talk about their process in creating their work. We seem to rush through show and tell and don't ask questions. Isn't that how you learn? hmmmmmm


  1. Oh! such a little peek! Love the colour!


    Your security word could have been dangerous - one letter shilft - rude word! Sorry a game I play! (not telling)

  2. omg, robbie! that quilt for the aaqi is just stunning! what a magnificent job you did. bravo!

  3. Your quilt is beautiful... a very generous donation. You mentioned having a facility for your group.. made me think of pics I've seen from workshops like Create. They have them in hotel meeting rooms, cover the floor with plastic, but still... messy with the paints and dyes. I'm sure the hotels get a big cleaning deposit! By the way, the black tangled notecards you gave as a gift were lovely. Maybe I did see them long ago.

  4. Our little group is currently questioning our future direction too...change is in the air.

    Love your pieces, Robbie!

  5. For a group of 13, show and tell should be more Question and Answer. Big guilds MUST push through it but your size group, it seems, should be perfectly sized for discussion.
    On the other hand, sometimes groups wane and need to go dormant and then come back strong with new direction.
    I hope you can get it all figured out.
    Love the final piece with the holes in the conveys exactly what it's supposed to.



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