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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Eye Candy!

The first 'eye candy' shot is our grandson, Ian, leading the pack during his first high school cross country win. CONGRATS, Ian! A job well done for sure!! Ian's been running this summer, even in the heat so I'm sure he's in top shape!! Hard to believe he's in 10th grade already!! Grandpa sure is getting older! Not me! Just you and grandpa, Ian!

Here's some more 'eye candy'!

Elsie is one of the ladies in our fiber group who does a little of everything! I'm always in awe of her artwork regardless of the medium. This is a beaded piece Elsie did a while back on her bead loom. Isn't it spectacular!!

Here's a closeup of the detail! I think it's an amazing piece! I asked if i could post a picture of her work and she kindly agreed. I just wanted to share this with some of my bead followers. check out the beaded fringe let alone the detail in this piece!
I had a busy weekend...actually I've been busy since Friday. Doing some beading, making fiber cards, put the sleeve on my AAQI donation quilt - although that took two times! I put the sleeve on upside down along with the label! Yep, had to remove both and resew! Kids are still up north on vaca and Amber called me today to say they just finished horse back riding! She said she even passed her 'evaluation' on trotting on the horse! What memories they are creating! I told her she would have to write that in her journal, but she said she didn't have a journal! Of course, I told her she needs to get one! Can't believe me of all people haven't given her a journal yet! I'm sure I have somewhere along the line! We'll have to look for it the next 'grandma day'!

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