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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

What a day!

Before I post about our day...have to mention "out of the mouth of babes". As we were driving to the park, I don't remember why, but I aksed if the kids had heard of the saying "there but the grace of God, go I"...Amber said, "no, grandma" she hadn't heard of this and guess what our Nick said! "Grandma, you go to church too much!"! I almost had to pull off the road I was laughing so hard. Just another little 'saying' to put in his BD letter for this year!

Today the grand kids and I did the paddle boat 'thing'! And what a hoot it was!!! I took this picture just as 'grandma' was getting ready to unhook the tie rope and jump on the boat! It was great! Kids and I were laughing and screaming the entire time!! It did take us a little to adjust to steering the boat but did manage to get out of the dock and not hit anything!

It was a beautiful day and you can see some of the lake and docks above. We had a blast on the boat then decided to eat our picnic lunch we packed.

And then! Grandma surprised the kids by packing their fishing rods and tackle boxes in the car! I stopped and pretended I need gasoline so I could stop and pick up worms!

So here the kids are fishing and they had a ball! Who knew..Amber said "I'm not a girlie girl, grandma, when it comes to fishing! Duh!

She certainly isn't! Man, she was cutting those worms right beside Nick with no hesitation at all. She finally told me to "chill out, grandma and sit down". "This is what you do when you fish".

This was one of many fish Amber caught!

And this was one of many Nick caught! Yes, we put them all back, very gently! And we even fed some of the fish just pieces of worms! How gross, but sweet!

We had so much fun on the paddle boat that after the kids fished we went back out for another 1/2 hour!! For $5 (each half hour) you can't beat it! Just a fun, fun day..then back to the house to play 'hot potato' with an old balloon the kids had! By the time my son got home, I was dripping from sweating! He even checked the thermostat thinking his air must be off!
So tonight, I'm pooped but it was all well worth it!! Just another memory to put in my head and I hope the kids!
The video's are a hoot..the paddle boat was is mainly of my fingers!! The sun was shining and I was taking the pics with my Ipod! I forgot where the little camera was so I ended up covering it up!


  1. What a FUN day!!! (I love the fishing part, but I have to admit the *you go to church too much* was a gem! ha!)
    Everyone obviously had a ball and that is wonderful....moments captured in mind,photo and video.
    Good job Grandma!!!

    (tried to e-mail you but yahoo and AOL must have been having a spat...pfffft!)

  2. You are such a great Grandma! Love the "You go to church to often" comment. Priceless. I love spending time with my Grandbabies too. You just never know what they will say or do! We all go fishing too and my Grandbaby Kileigh is only 3 and hands us the worms or wax worms with her bare hands. She touches the fish too! At this age, she has no fear. Great post.

  3. Ack! I watched your videos! She pulls the worm apart with her bare hands! Ack! ha ha, nice shot of your finger, too funny Grandma! What a blast you all had!

  4. What a great day!! You are a good grandmother. Lots of memories.


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