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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Book and beads

I'm so excited! I received my copy of Bojagi & Beyond today! Now to find the time to sit and read it (village council meeting tonight and I want to finish the MQAI write ups this afternoon).

At our CCC fiber group meeting in July, one of the ladies, Chris, brought in the book along with a piece of organza she was stitching following the technique in Chunghie's book. Chris' belongs to a stitching group in Lansing and they are working together on this method.

This is a picture of Chris' white organza being stitched. I laid it on top of a scrap quilt top that she is also working on just so you could see the stitching. It almost appears to be a form of french seams. Isn't it beautiful! My friend, Mary, and I are both interested in this technique so I hope we can actually pursue it! Thanks for sharing your work with us, Chris!!

On another note....I forgot to post a picture and some of the info from a gift I received from my friend, Teresa! Teresa, my daughter and I met a few weekends ago for brunch. I haven't seen Teresa since last winter, before we left for Florida, and look what she gave me! These are beads made by Ugandan women and men from recycled paper. Each one is so unique and beautiful!! Teresa actually had on a necklace made up of these beads which came from the Bead for Life web site that was very nice and of course matched her outfit perfectly! Check out some of the cool beads and jewelry they have. Very impressive. Now to see what I could make using them. You almost don't want to use them but put them in a bowl just to look at! Now there's an idea! Maybe that's what I need to do and then the inspiration will just happen! Thanks again, Teresa!!

We actually had windows opened up until a few minutes ago! The rain has set in but I can't say we really need it! Bob was finally able to mow yesterday, as the grass has grown since last Friday! But better rain then dry...although, I do want the weather to be nice on Wed. The kids and I are going on a pedal or is it paddle?? boat ride. I think it's called pedal since we are the so called power to get the boat moving! If you don't hear back from me, you'll find us at the bottom of the lake! Until then...


  1. I just love the Korean work, my sister has a piece that she bought in Korea. I have the organza but haven't given it go I must see if I can get the book in OZ.


  2. That book looks pretty cool -- I love the stitched work. The beads are beautiful -- I'm sure you'll think of something good to do with them!


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