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Sunday, August 14, 2011

One finished and two more ready!

I finished my cuff last night while 'toggling' again between the Tigers and Pittsburgh football! A gal's gotta do what a gal's gotta do! Right!
I do wear quite a bit of beige and orange so this will fit right in with my outfits! I do love these cuffs and this design is my favorite. A lot to keep track of but I honestly didn't find a mistake in this one! Yippee!!
I will be starting on another one after a trip to the bead store on Wed.
Muggy, drizzly day today but Mary and I still met up at the market. My veggies are all washed and I made some dip for us along with white chili (with chicken) for dinner tonight. We haven't had lunch due to my having a migraine this a.m. In fact, I stopped at the high school on my way to the market to take an Imitrex. I try not to take them but I was getting really sick and had to get to the market and grocery store. I'm feeling better now thank goodness!

So one project down and some more on the way. Hard to see the design but this is my next BJP project. It's going to be a beaded butterfly. This particular butterfly is from Hawaii..the name is quite extensive but it's black and red so should be fun to work on. I have to quilt the background then I'll be ready to start beading.

And this is another project that I'm anxious to start on. This is the wallpaper on my desktop and the picture is from Microsoft. I printed it out and this is how it turned out - pink instead of white. I want to make this using some translucent material for the leaves. I think it will be a stunning piece. So that's on my 'to do' list. I need to think it through carefully or I might just dive in and make a small piece (6" sq.) to practice.

This afternoon I did get all my supplies and samples together for our oil pastel workshop that I'm presenting at our quilt guild this week. There are four of us putting on different workshops and the last time this was done everyone had a great time. I'll take pics as I don't remember what the other three workshops are! So now off to get dinner on the table. No lunch makes for hungry people!


  1. i like your cuff a lot! it's very pretty. don't you love it when they turn out so perfectly? so sorry you had such a terrible migraine. i know how those go. not fun! i absolutely cannot wait to see how this butterfly comes along. the microsoft printout is great, and can't wait to see what you do with that either. you are so very talented! have fun with your workshop!!!

  2. wow the cuff looks even lovelier off the loom! cant wait to see the butterfly, could you take pictures of your progress from beginning to end? that would be fascinating.

  3. You never seem to slow down !! If it's not grandkids, its beautiful bead work and trying new ventures. Beautiful bead have a gift.


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