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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The worse of times, the best of times...

No, this isn't a Tale of Two Cities...but it's been the most awful time for Bob and I. I didn't know I could hurt that much from the loss of our beloved Mandy. I'm not going through everything that happened last Friday because it's too hard talking about it over and over again. Mandy most likely had a clot, stroke and went into cardiac arrest. She's not suffering anymore and Dunkel Vet's here in Davison did a wonderful job trying to save her. We'll be forever grateful for everything they did.
And now it's "time" for the best of "times"! We brought home our new puppy yesterday afternoon! You can read all about Kalee on her blog here. She's the sweetest little dog and so far just the smartest, best little puppy you could ask for! Kalee has brought us so many smiles since yesterday and is filling some of the void in our hearts. No dog will take the place of Mandy but Kalee will certainly create her own spot in our world. I hope for those who follow my blog and are animal lovers will go over to Kalee's blog to meet her.


  1. I am SMITTEN!!!!
    What a face..... :-)


    P.S. I've had the same problem with hackers again; wonder when they changed the blogger interface over if that left everything exposed. Now back on comment moderation...ack!

  2. She is too cute! I love the last picture! RIP Mandy.

    Welcome Kalee.

  3. I will jump over and check out Kalee's blog next but I want to say how much I have been thinking of you and Bob. I know how horrid it is to lose a family member this way. I won't tell you my own stories, you know I understand too well. And with 3 old dogs, I will know again too soon. But we can't live without them and getting a new dog is the best first step in healing those wounds that never heal entirely but can be eased by sharing your love again. You did the right thing.

  4. Kalee is adorable! That little bark as she's romping in the yard.. cute. She'll do her best to comfort you after losing Mandy-girl. And I think she'll be good at it.


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