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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Attempt at our normal life

Well, our lives are attempting to get back to normal but I really think it's more like we're creating a new life! Our little Kalee is just a doll and makes us smile from the time we get up until we go to bed.
Today will be the first time I leave her for a few hours. It's the opening of the MQAI exhibit on Friday so today we hang the quilts. We have the hanging system down pat so it shouldn't take that long! I'm a new mom so I have to be home with my baby for awhile!
I think I'll be able to get back to my art work starting this weekend! Let's hope! Not sure I can bead at night for awhile either. I can just see Kalee eating the seed beads! Yikes!
Gotta run! It's play time again!! Whew! I should be in great shape running up and down the stairs. I have a feeling it will be a few months before our little one can climb stairs...what ever happened to having a one story house!


  1. I just read the sad news and can't believe it. Yes, losing a pet is just awful. Each time it happened, we said we couldn't go thru the sadness again......but we always did....until our dear Laddie, who was with us for 17 years passed on. He was just so great and irreplaceable and we were retiring and we didn't see a dog in our home anymore. It was hard and we often wonder if we want to bring someone home....sometimes, I'd like to dog-share...... Maybe I'll come up and take Kalee for a walk when you get to the land of the sun. Enjoy your memories...they will keep Mandy with you.

  2. So sorry about your loss, Robbie. I know Kalee will help to ease the loss.


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