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Monday, September 26, 2011


HAPPY BIRTHDAY, NICK!! Yep, here's the happy kid just waiting to dig into Grandma Nancy's great cake (there's more pictures of the cake my DIL's mom made below). Hard to believe Nick is 8 already!!
Darrin and Kris were a great host and hostess again to celebrate Nick's party on Sat. Of course, the theme was FOOTBALL! When we arrived, Darrin had all the kids in the front yard playing flag football. He even had yard markers up! I did put two videos of the kids playing at the end of this post. They were a hoot to watch!

Isn't this cake great!! Nancy makes the best cakes and decorates them to boot! The chocolate cake was delicious! Of course Nick's favorite is chocolate. I've never seen a boy who LOVES chocolate as much as Nick does.

check out all the extras on the cake!

This was Nick's BD gift from mom and dad. His new bike! He loves riding bike like his dad does, although it looked so big to me. I was informed by his friend, Weston, that he fits it perfectly and was riding around the sub already! Guess grandma was informed!

Of course lots of presents...Nick is opening the 'bottomless' bag from his grandma Nancy! One little boy at the party said "how many shirts are in there?" "Wow, it's like a store." Funny.

See the smile on Nick's face. Auntie and Uncle Jeff got him his helmet for bike riding.

Food a plenty and lots of fun for the kids.

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  1. What a great birthday celebration for your grandson. These are memories we cherish.


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