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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

I'm really doing some art work again!

Yep! It's true! I'm back doing some art work FINALLY! I didn't realize how hard it was being a mom again! Your time isn't your own that's for sure! But I'm not complaining and wouldn't trade our little girl for all the art I could make in a year! Kalee has brought so much joy to our lives in a weeks time! It's only been a week yesterday when we picked her up!

So this a.m. I started playing with leaf patterns. My daughter wants a table topper for her glass table that sits in their LR and her BD is next week so...this is a background piece (beige) and a small piece of organza that I'm going to use for leaves. I'll use the same technique as I did for my black/white AAQI quilt. I have several different colors of organza and I'm now working out the design/placement for the leaves. It will be a circular quilted top about 19" in circumference.

AND I was actually able to do some beading today on my butterfly!! Kalee sat on my lap later this afternoon and slept while I beaded. It felt good to be back at doing something!
Tomorrow I'm headed to meet up with the grand kids after school. I haven't seen them in two weeks so I'm looking forward to them meeting Kalee and just seeing them again!! Hopefully, Kalee will get wore out meeting the kids! That will give grandma a rest from playing with her!

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  1. Ooooo, a butterfly instead of a bird! I like! Can't wait to see the finished piece :-)


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