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Saturday, October 1, 2011


No, this isn't a piece I just finished! I made this small quilt hanging several years ago. I hand dyed some cotton velveteen fabric in orange and bubble gum pink. Reason I'm showing this now is I sent my blog friend Sally over at Sally's Stuff some of the orange velveteen fabric for a Travelers Blanket she is working on. I had mentioned to her I also had dyed some pink which I really liked. For this piece I ironed on painted fusible web, FMQ'd, then getting out the old glue gun, I made a swirly design sticking it to the fabric. The chopsticks are from my friend Tersa's wedding we attended. I used one set to hang the piece with and yep, glued the other set on the piece. So, this is the pink, Sally! You'll have to check out Sally's blog and see the work she's doing on the travelers blanket. Sally is coming to the states (she lives in Australia) for the IQA show in Houston and will bring her hand work with her. Sally has some pieces on exhibit at the IQA cool is that! She and I worked on a 'trade' this past month. I made her a loom beaded cuff (purple) and she's sending me my trade! I can't wait to see my thermofax screen and to post about it!!!

So here's some progress on my daughter's table topper for her living room. The piece will be finished off in a circle approximately 18" round. I was just placing some of the organza pieces to get a feel for color placement.
And here are some of the leaves stitched and cut down. I still have to go back and FMQ the veins and then quilt around the entire piece. It's coming but there's a lot of leaves and stitching left to do.
Kalee and I had our first puppy kindergarten class this past Wed. It was great and she's doing so well with her sit, sit/watch and even did a down (with some help). Today she did two great 'downs' so I'm quite happy with her progress. She's given Bob and I so much pleasure already. Of course she'll never take Mandy's place and we think of Mandy every day, but our hearts have enough room to allow Kalee to have her own special place there! She's sitting beside me as I type right now! My little companion!


  1. The pink is beautiful Robbie! I had a disaster this week - your parcel came back to me - it didn't make it out of Australia - I got the paper work wrong! I'll try again tomorrow!


    Security word - farast - That is a good word!

  2. I love the colors of your fabric. I'm a all about pink girl :) i would love to work with fabric. I always walk through all the fabrics when im at the craft stores, and have bought some magazines but i already have too many projects going on. Maybe someday!


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