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Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween 2011!

Can you tell who is for Michigan and who is for Michigan State?

Nick looks like he was hunting for something...I'm sure he found it! Kids should have a decent night tonight weather wise. Not sure how many we'll have come through our sub. In 2006 we had 298 kids to give candy to! I decided I'm only buying enough candy for up to 200! In 2008, we only had 99 kids! Most years it's 180-200+...because we are in a rural area, they actually 'bus' the kids in to our subs. Which is fine, so the little ones can at least celebrate Halloween. I have enough candy for 200 this year...if any is leftover, Bob eats it or I'll give to my son to take to his work! I don't want it in the house!

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  1. oh my goodness that is a lot of trick or treaters. You sound like me, I usually dump all the candy in the last few kids bags to get rid of it so it's not in our house either. this year we bought granola bars to give out, and then thought about it today and ran out and got candy.

    Love the pumpkins! I vote for Michigan State! (only because my neice goes there)



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