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Thursday, October 13, 2011


Yep, that's all Bob and I have been doing this past week. Actually, Bob started with the cold first about a week ago, then he got worse over the weekend and ended up going to the Dr. on Monday. I started with the sore throat and our house now needs a total fumigation! I've already gone through 1/2 bottle of Clorox disinfectant! I can't really complain because this is the first cold I've had in 2 1/2 years! I've done so well at not getting sick but I think with losing Mandy and being sick that week, my immune system just went haywire again. Now I need to get back on track!
Monday I did go to our small fiber group and we had a nice visit, lunch and show and tell. Our group doesn't do projects at our meeting(s)'s more of a critique, sharing, discussing group which is nice. You only have to bring what you what to show you are working on.
I have been beading when Kalee is napping so the 2nd wing is now being worked on. I don't think I'll get much done until the weekend as my housework is behind schedule right now. I've been lazy just sitting with this cold or playing with Kalee and taking her for walks (which we do at least 4 times a day - sometimes more!).

I did finish putting all the leaves on Dawn's piece and now I'll start to FMQ the veins then quilt around each leaf. I can work on this with Kalee in her large pen in my sewing room. That way she's with me but not loose. I haven't felt up to working on it this week but as with the beading will get busy this weekend.

Hope my next posting will show more progress on my pieces! Until then...use sanitizer on your hands!!! Keep those cold germs away! They sure are nasty!


  1. Very pretty-feel better. My family has just gone through the same thing. Way too early for sickness.

  2. o gosh, the crud is going around. My 14 yr old grandson has it now so I suppose it will move through the house.

    Your butterfly is so pretty. I love your beading.

    Having a show and tell meeting is unique and so social. What a great idea.

    Hope you both feel better soon.
    xx, Carol

  3. Feel better soon. Love the butterfly!

  4. Both projects are looking good. The butterfly is so detailed.. just stunning! Feel better soon. Sounds as if the cold kinda' wipes you out in general. A rally is needed.

  5. The butterfly is sure and share the showpiece when it is done.
    I sympathize with the cold bug....I'm still coughing and its been 3 weeks !
    Weather is finally lovely down here....humidity down, light breezes and perfect for golf....and great for walking a puppy !!

  6. can't wait to see updates. i love seeing your work. and i sure do hope you feel better!!!!


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