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Sunday, October 16, 2011

How sweet!

Bob and I are so fortunate to have the best kids! Look at what Kris (our DIL) stopped by to bring us, along with the grand kids!! Kris made butternut squash and roasted red pepper soup! They also brought a loaf of bread, some Jalapeno honey spread, cider and fresh donuts!! How how sweet was that!! It's nice to know we have great kids that will take care of us in our old age!! The soups will be so good for our colds! Funny, I was looking in the freezer this a.m. to see what I could make for dinner tonight and nothing looked good to me. Now I'm looking forward to dinner! Maybe we'll eat early during half time of Lion's game!!

It was really nice to see the kids too. Of course Kalee was SO excited. I know I was suppose to have her on a lease to meet kids but the they were all so excited. They each gave her a treat when she sat in front of them, which she did several times. We're all still learning.

I'm doing great on my project management and will post pics tomorrow of my progress!! Yesterday, I cleaned house, did some laundry, did Kalee's lessons and walks, cut back all five hosta plants filling an entire lawn/leaf bag, finished quilting the leaves on Dawn's topper and did some beading! I have to admit I slept REALLY good last night. I started quilting the background on Dawn's piece this a.m. and hope to do some beading on my butterfly while watching the Lions!! Score is 3-0 in favor of Lions! Let's hope that keep up!! And my project management keeps up as well!

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