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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Wings are done!

Yippee....wings are all done and I have started on the body! I might get this beaded piece finished by Christmas!
I'm almost finished with the quilting on my daughter's topper too...just a few more hours to finish the echo quilting then the binding and yes, she might get her BD gift by Christmas as well!
Then I have another quilt to finish for Christmas so no playing until I get to Florida on other art projects that's for sure!

I did make another humbug bag for a friend as a BD gift. This is from a quilt I made several, several years ago that I cut apart. I did some faint foiling and some beading to jazz up the fabric some. I also made it a tad larger than my bag because I wasn't sure what all my friend might put in hers.

Detail on beading
The coolest part on this bag is how I inserted/sewed in the zipper! I happened upon a tutorial from Paula Storm on her blog on how to insert zippers in small bags. Of course the first time I tried it on this bag I used a metal zipper...yes, I had read that on her blog to not use metal but I forgot. So back to JoAnn's and I picked up a poly zipper and wow! So easy and doesn't the top look nice! You have to check out Paula's blog and the post on inserting the zipper. Very cool idea. THANKS, Paula!
So the start of another week begins! Busy as usual but I guess at our age that's a good thing! At least we're both only coughing every 30 minutes rather than every 5 minutes! Maybe we'll get our flu shots by Christmas too!


  1. love love LOVE that little bag....lucky friend!

  2. Wow!! I love your Humbug! Thanks for the plug :)
    Hugs Paula

  3. That butterfly is so worth the effort! Just gorgeous.
    The humbug bag is great too, your friend will love it. You give me a good idea what to do with an old quilt I made.

  4. Your beaded butterfly is beautiful and truly shows your labor of love in handwork. Great humbug bag and it makes such a lovely gift.

  5. This butterfly is so beautiful- and knowing how much time is invested it is even more beautiful!

    I really love the humbug bag and what a nice gift.

  6. Of course the butterfly is so beautiful!

    I love the Humbug bag. I especially think the variegated thread is the perfect touch to the quilting.

    I'm going off now to check on that link.

    Happy Halloween!!


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