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Monday, October 10, 2011

Interception! Wahoo!

Well, here's the next Lion's player! I went to Nick's flag football game yesterday. Really was a beautiful day out...actually, quite HOT! 81 degrees..isn't that August weather??

Anyway, Nick did quite good as did his team. I don't know the final score but Nick said they won. It is a hoot to watch those little kids play and they do play hard!

They even had cheer leaders!! Aren't they cute!!! The video is of Nick catching an interception...this was his 2nd in two weeks! Good eyes!


  1. Yep, I remember those fun days. My oldest grandson was a defense star right up until 8th grade. Then he grew a foot. 6'2" in 9th grade when he switched from football to wrestling.

    I hope they always remember that we were their biggest fans!

  2. great interception! isn't watching the kids play their sports so much fun? 81 degrees! lol. we got DOWN to 81 and i was thinking it was feeling pretty cool outside. we even opened the windows. looks like we are back up to 100 this week. ugh.


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