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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Warped Weaver's Meeting Pics

These pictures are from the Warperd Weaver's meeting this past Sat. Lots of great show & tell..some pictures are out of order and I'm not moving around..too much time downloading the buggers tonight. Guess lots of activity on blogger tonight! Do click on the pictures to get a better look at every ones work!

This is Susan's latest project she's working on.

Susan's needlecase made by yours truly..

This is another quilt Susan just finished! All hand work!

This large quilt Susan made for her son. Pretty cool design with the colors isn't it! Again, click on pic to get a better view!

Is this Susan's 'Spring' quilt? No, it's the real stain glass piece that is in a local museum and featured in the current issue of 'Ocala's Good Life' magazine. Doesn't it look just like Susan's quilt?

AND Susan's 'Spring' hand applique piece was juried into the big IQA show in Cincinnati this spring!! How cool is that!

These are some towels woven by Betty! They were so soft!!

Here's Betty at work sewing seams on more towels for the weaver's exchange.

These are Betty's finished towels. Again, click on pic to see the pattern close up.

Pat K. has been busy, busy!! I don't think I got pics of all her so called practice pieces. Pat did some really interesting patterns. She's getting ready for a weaving class at the upcoming weaver's conference.

Click to see the patterns in this piece Pat did.

I love this design/pattern.

The Queen of Purple was busy sewing hems on her woven towels for the exchange.

Caryl has been busy with her doll making.

This is a chair she's making to sit her doll on.

Batting wrapped around wire then strips of fabric wrapped around the batting.

Caryl's latest project is making stuffed horses for an auction at the school. She had to struggle to find the pattern online but finally found one at a reasonable price even!

Some more of Caryl's dolls that were hiding in another room!

This 'rocker' lady doll was even in the closest! I think she'll find a new place to sit in Caryl's room soon!

Caryl showed us how to make on of these envelope boxes. This was Caryl's.

Susan was a good student and finished her box.

This is the inside of Susan's box.

Pat was making a Christmas envelope box.

And yes, I did finish my card yesterday but I forgot to take pics. I'll have to do that tomorrow and post mine. Now I'm pooped and I still have to download some books to my Ipod..everything is taking forever tonight. Must be the heat!


  1. oh my, robbie. you have some seriously talented friends. i just love that large pretty! i'll bet it's cozy, too. so much to see here. thanks for sharing all of this beauty!

  2. What a talented bunch of friends! So much inspiration!


  3. Wow, you all don't like to just sit around and eat bon bons, do you? What marvelous and varied work you are all doing. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Susan's newest piece is going to be amazing (well, they are ALL amazing).

    Those woven towels are so gorgeous!

    Thanks for sharing - its so fun to see all the talent gathered in one place.


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