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Thursday, February 24, 2011

The first cut is the deepest..or can be!

Yep, "the first cut can be the deepest", at least that what my friend/mentor, Susan, taught me yesterday! I took my stained glass piece, Georgia on my Mind, over so Susan could guide me on my next step.

First step, is to cut ONLY your 'leading' fabric that's on top. Fortunately for me (not for Susan!) she allowed me to cut into her practice piece. The first cut and stitching was fine but then Susan suggested I do the other side to see the leading and yep, I did cut into her background fabric. I felt bad but it is a practice piece, per Susan. She's using this piece as a place to try stitches, etc. and she did show me other areas that were cut or just practiced on. I still felt bad but moved on!

So, with Susan by my side I did make my first cut!!! Here it is!! The lighter blueish color is my background peaking through. It's hard to see but you'll get a better look at the stitching I did in the afternoon and for 3, yes 3 straight hours last night!
Here's my progress so far!!
I was so enjoying my stitching time soo much I forgot to put my wrist brace on and wow! I sure felt it last night!! I can't wait for TV time tonight to sit and stitch!
I also 'unbeaded' the original beading on friendly felt I started for my BJP and quilted up this background piece to bead on.
And here's the start of my BJP/Jan piece! The tail is started and now I have two hand projects to work on.
I love hand work but have to say I'm really enjoying Susan's stained glass 'technique'. But today I'm going to be good and do my laundry and cleaning. Tomorrow I'm going to the Ocala library for a demo on encaustic art, by Ed Franklin. I'm really excited about seeing his work and perhaps pick up some tips on working with fabric vs his canvas medium.
Off for my bike ride then to start the rest of my day! It's day 23 of '29 gifts'!


  1. Love the way you quilted the background here. Its like this lovely little bird is hiding in a thicket of leaves and berries. Fantastic!

  2. You do the most detailed work, Robbie. always something interesting to see here, things I would be afraid to tackle for fear of never finishing.


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