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Friday, February 11, 2011

Lesson 3 and more hearts!

Still following along with Anne and her different uses for gel medium. This is my WIP collage (it's on a foam board, background is a piece of glue/painted fabric - see previous post). I added some green/black foiled dots to it and have some more to do.
We needed a substrate for creating a heart using the sand/bird grit/medium so I had to dig in my Florida stash! I'm running out of 'stuff' to put these hearts on! But I did find a piece of copper and this old heart with foil from candy sewn on it.
The pic on the right is sand from my hubby's golf cart! It was a little dirty with specks of the golf course! in it so Bob sifted the sand to remove the junk. Isn't he a nice guy!

Next we mixed sand with some gel medium and bird grit with gel medium. And yes, I mixed it on my 12 1/2" square ruler!
I stenciled my heart using the bird grit on top of the heart and on the bottom is the sand/medium. To be honest, I think the sand and the grit were the same consistency as I can't tell where one started and one stopped. This picture is just as I lifted off the heart stencil. Today the heart looks more like oatmeal in a heart shape!
I am getting the feel of using gel medium other than to attach collage pieces, which is nice!
Here are some more of my fiber hearts my friends have received from me.

I also finished my bead journal project for December! Yippee! I'll post pics tomorrow when I get home from our Weaver's meeting. We had rain on and off yesterday and it's still overcast today but not cold. AND MY BIKE BROKE!!! I took off this a.m. and just got on my bike, shifted gears and CRUNCH!! My bike STOPPED! I almost fell off..couldn't turn the pedals at all. Dang! So back home and then I just walked my 'path'. Bob will check it out tonight when he gets back from golf. I feel lost without my bike!!


  1. Oh fun! I think it is so cool that you have golf sand in yours!
    It's fun to see ideas come from this; when I am doing them it is strictly to try and keep the background consistent on each and get the product to perform right. (ha...)
    Great to see more of the postcards~~SOOOOOO pretty!


    P.S. mixing on the ruler? now you sound like ME....LOL!!!

  2. Robbie, these look great. Thank you for inroducing me to Anne's blog. This is one I will have to spend some time reading.


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