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Monday, February 21, 2011

Busy weekend

Check out this 'spaghetti' cake my daughter and her friend made this weekend! Dawn is in Boston visiting with her friend and their family. She said this is a cake she's going to make on date night this month with Amber and Nick! Dawn said the recipe was in Food Network Magazine (March, 2011) issue (Dawn downloads the magazine on her Nook!). I just ordered this magazine after picking one up a few weeks ago and made at least four recipes from the issue I bought.

I also started beading my bird onto friendly felt. I'm not sure if I'll 'unbead' and then stitch directly on my background. I like beading on the friendly felt but unless I can bead the edges of a piece onto the background, it might not work out. I had a tip from Kate on outlining your piece with smaller beads then filling in with beading. If I bead on the friendly felt I outline with beads after I've done all the 'filling in'. I'm going to quilt some background pieces today and decide what to do. I did buy a yard of very nice background fabric that I want to use for all my pieces this year.

I wanted to get a few donation quilts made so I started on these two pieces. I had some old fused dupioni silk fabric (dark purple circles) from another quilt I made so I stitched those on each one.
They don't look that interesting yet but I'm going to CUT holes in each purple circle and background then add beading. Yep! I love cutting holes in my quilts and of course I love adding beads so, go figure!

This is a piece I did for our Inspired by the Masters. It's my interpretation of Friedensreich Hundertwasser's work. You can see one of the holes I cut into the piece (click on picture) and you can see another one of my quilts with a hole here! It was scary the first time I did this but I figure you can always cover up a hole with something if you don't like it! Let's hope!
So today I'm going for my bike ride (up to 2 miles now!) then I'll start quilting the 'hole' pieces and backgrounds for my BJP's. I might end up doing some 'unbeading' too! Who knows! Temp is already 60 and should get into the high 70's again today. Just beautiful Florida weather! I'm on day 4 of '29 gifts'! So far, so good!


  1. You were courageous cutting holes in that quilt... but it looks good and you had success. That applied, colorful fabric works so well in the blue/orange piece. The one with the purple circles will be interesting. Spaghetti cake... what a hoot.

  2. you always have such great things to see and read about. i know nothing about quilting, but cutting holes in them sounds scary. i looked at your "hole in one" link and it was neat how you cut the hole, tacked it in place and then had the 3 circles on the bottom. very unique! what a great cake! i had to do a double-take to see that it really was a cake and not a bowl of spaghetti. what are the meatballs made out of?

  3. I love the quilt work!

    Not so sure about the spaghetti cake though......

  4. okay..feeling my blondness right now but is that a cake that looks like spaghetti, or is that spaghetti that looks like a cake?

    i love your quilts for backgrounds. i bought some books recently on fabric, and am hoping to make some back grounds myself. So far i've just read a lot, and haven't jumped in to trying anything, but I am looking forward to seeing what I can make!

  5. LissC,
    That's, it's a cake that looks like fact, 'meatballs' are actually chocolate ice cream! isn't that a hoot!

    Just jump in and trying doing the quilted's not that difficult and it's fun. You can always use your 'practice' pieces to make ATC's or fiber postcards! I don't waste any of my practice works!

    Thank you all for stopping by!


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