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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Tioga Winter Art Fair

Today, our day trip was to the Tioga Winter Art Fair. Carol and I left at 9:30 so we could get an early start so it wouldn't be so hot (sorry for those having cold weather!). It was a beautiful day and the vendors at the fair were wonderful. There were over 75 vendors and each tent had amazing art work and jewelry.
The tents are set up in the street in this so called 'town' which reminds you of Louisiana and plantations. The houses are so cool looking with large columns out front and wrap around porches. Trees lined all over and just looks like something from Gone With The Wind. I didn't take any pics of the houses this year...I'll have to remember that next year.
This is where we sat outside to have lunch which consisted of sharing a grilled 3 cheese sandwich and a turkey/avocado/corn/you name it! sandwich. Yum!! Plus, they had the veggie crisps which looked like french fries but made of vegetables. SOOOO good too!! At least we did lots of walking to work off our lunch (no bike ride this a.m.!).
There were a few vendors that I was totally fascinated by their work. I'm listing their names and web sites for you to check out their work...They are each worth a few minutes of your time. Grab a glass of wine and take a peak at their work.
Mono prints on paper & canvas & other works: Bob Senesac Images
Mixed media work that will knock your socks off: Roz Miller
Beautiful photography on canvas! Jack Wicks
Chinese Art Work which is beautiful: Godwin Kou

One of the best parts of the art fair today was Tim Decker, an artist who was a crowd pleaser for sure! I've seen YouTubes of Tim's work and I'm sure you may have at some time as well. Tim does speed painting and the first picture we watched him do was of Bono..check out the next few paintings and watch the progress!! See if you can guess who he's painting.
Can you guess who this is going to be??
Getting a better clue?
How cool is that! Jimmy Hendryx!

I took this video of him when he was finishing up the Bono picture. We had a great day and I still had the afternoon to do some beading, sit on the porch, take Mandy for a golf cart ride and have a margarita! What a great day! It can't get any better than this!! And yes, I did my 'gift' for today!

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  1. What a lovely day! Have not visited Town of Tioga.. will have to check it out.


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