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Monday, February 28, 2011

Progress and playtime

Yep, I'm making progress with my 'Georgia' piece working on it at night watching TV. I still have to decide what to do with the border and I might have to either dye/paint fabric or make a trip to our local quilt shops. We have two nice shops within 5 miles from here and one is next to Panera's!
I'm also 'beading my bird' but I got bored with the browns so I started outlining with the green and orange. Doesn't look like much progress but I have spent several hours on this guy already.
Today the guys are taking the day off from golf and taking Carol and I to The Villages. For those of you not familar with The Villages, check out their web site here. We always have a fun day walking, eating and shopping at The Villages. This town is composed of two town squares and shops and restaurants galore! Always entertainment at the town square as well as markets from local vendors. You just never know what you'll find. Of course they have upscale shops as well (Chico's, etc.).
I'm off for my bike ride, then make some breakfast, shower and I should get some beading in before we leave. Temps are suppose to be in the 80's again today with a slight breeze. Perfect Ocala weather..although, the weather man just said we'll have a cool spell in the high 70's later this week. I'll settle for the cool spell..don't you love a Floridian's perspective on the weather!


  1. It looks like progress to me. Enjoy watching it unfold. And the bird- the background is just perfect for it. Enjoy your day in The Villages.

  2. I love your progress on both these pieces. It looks like you are having so much fun hanging out in all those warm places -- can't wait for winter to end here.

  3. I am loving the quilted bird!!! Can't wait to see it finished!! I know what you mean about it taking so long and seeing not a lot of progress.

  4. OH my gosh - both pieces are so beautiful. The quilting on the bird is amazing! I'm amazed at the progress you make even with all the other fun things you always seem to be doing. Do you not sleep???!!! lol


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