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Friday, February 25, 2011

Encaustic Artist

Today, Peggy and I went to the Ocala library for the lecture and demo of Encaustic Art by Ed Franklin.

What an interesting hour!! Mr. Franklin certainly was entertaining and so was Dominic, who played piano. Dominic is only 16 and a classical pianist and he was great!

So back to Mr. Franklin's lecture. We started off with a slide show of some of his work and video from his opening in southern Florida earlier this year. He had some great pieces in that exhibit but the video showed more people than it did his art work but that's ok. He had some of his art on display at the library and we were given handouts.

This picture is after Mr. Franklin demo'd using a blow torch to make his designs on the canvas. The heat melts the was and creates a wonderful flow to his pieces.

These were really delicate looking but all done with wax!

Another landscape/seascape piece.

See the four faces in the middle..this was a huge piece and I only got part of it in the picture.

Some of his geometric pieces...


and another.

Here is a quick video of Mr. Franklin using the 'torch' to move the wax on the first picture I showed in this post.


  1. And all I did was set an art project on fire with my heat gun's probably good I don't have a tank for my torch right now. ;-)
    Looked like it was a fascinating program; I love encaustic but can't deal with the smell. I just melt some beeswax now and again....


  2. A flame throwing demo... interesting! Did you notice the smell Anne mentioned?

  3. This process is intriguing to me. I'd like to have been able to attend that demonstration.


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