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Thursday, March 18, 2010

St. Patrick's Party

Some pixs from yesterday's St. Patrick's Day Party! THANK YOU so much Marilyn & John! You are the best!

Our host and hostess, O'LaPlantes, had favors at each of our place settings along with name tags. I think Verna made the name tags since she took calligraphy class and is doing a beautiful job.
Our host and hostess at the end of dinner!

Mingle time before dinner
Connie, Jan and Patricia
We sat in the Lani for dinner - 20 of us!
Jan & Larry
Mary Ann & Rich
Pat & Patricia
Mac & Jan
Connie & Tom
Harvey & Susan
Ron & Verna
Bob & Sue (Sue took most of these photo's Thanks, Sue)
Oops...caught us!
We had a great time, as usual, with everyone and we'll certainly miss the friendship...but we look forward to coming back next year already! John mentioned that of the 20 who were at dinner 10 of us are leaving Florida to head back up north. I think Susan and Harvey are the last to leave around May timeframe.
And speaking of Susan...she's a winner again with her quilts! Susan's feathered star quilt took 2nd place in pieced wall quilt category & her 256 block quilt took an honorable mention ribbon in same category! How cool is that!! I've posted pics of her 256 block quilt here. I don't know if I have a pix of her feathered star...I'm sure I do. But CONGRATS! Susan!! Job well done as usual!
We never did get our rain yesterday and temp reached's looking like a nice day again today but I'm going to get started on my April BJP. Susan gave me my idea/inspiration for March and after talking to my friend Carol T. from Michigan yesterday I've now got my April idea/inspiration!! So wonderful to have creative friends!!!


  1. As I looked at your photos I was hoping there would be one of you and finally, there it was! Gorgeous! Is that you, the slim blond with the (of course) green top with the medallion print on the front? Yeah, gorgeous! What a fun party that looks to have been. Now you are traveling back to some colder place? Have a safe trip, I look forward to seeing what you do next in your BJP.

  2. Thanks, jan...yep..the last couple pix (the oops, caught us one) is my hubby and I. We'll still be here in florida until the 1st of April or there abouts! I'm just getting my April BJP design started!


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