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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Post about nothing..

Not much going on other than beading, beading, beading...kite is coming along and I hope to have finished by this weekend to post. So this is a post about nothing special just things going on in my life.
My friend, Mary, sent me an email invite for an Art Swap and I figured if Mary was going to play I would too. So rather than make something new I had a 9" x 12" journal quilt I made that I sent on to the person on my list. I had hand dyed the green background fabric and decided to bleach resist by stamping areas then cutting apart and sewing together. I happened to have had some hand dyed beige fabric that matched the bleached area which worked perfectly. Then I stenciled the flower and added some painted fusible web on the leaves. It was fun to work on and I hope my 'swap' lady gives it a good home and likes it!

Last night grandpa and I were 'SKYPEING' with the kids. Several times I've taken snapshots via SKYPE but I couldn't find them on my laptop. Geezzzz Now, I'm pretty computer literate but those buggers were hidden!
So finally I found them! This is Amber from a few weeks ago taken on SKYPE. Hi sweetheart! What a great smile!
and here are 'my boys' from last nights visit! Aren't they handsome! Talk about a happy family! I love seeing their faces and SKYPE has sure made our stay here not feeling like I'm missing what the kids are doing! My DIL is usually hidden but I always hear her in the background. Hi Kris!
I did finish my pouch from our weaver's meeting this month! I thought I took a pic of it finished but guess not! Anyway, here's the pouch all woven. I did take it off the cardboard and I'll take a pic and post with my kite this weekend. My first woven piece!!! Woohoo!
Temp got up to 80 yesterday but we had a nice breeze so it was a beautiful day. Carol came over and she started sewing her grand son's quillow. It's really cute and I think everyone will be happy with the end result.
So more beading today and maybe a run to the P.O., bead shop and hardware (with hubby).
My son sent me this link a few weeks ago and I forgot to post. You have to watch it all the way through. It's a wonderful tribute to our military and the little girl shaking the young man's hand at the end is priceless. Do watch the video here.


  1. Hi Robbie, I forgot that you sent me the email about the Art Swap too. I need to get on that, I'd love to participate.

    Cute kids!

  2. My gosh, this is a post about EVERYTHING!!! You have been one busy lady, and just to make you feel better...I have no idea what so ever what SKYPING is.....
    I am a luddite.....
    I'll just go sit in the corner and feel OLD now...LOL!!!!
    Fun post!!!



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