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Saturday, March 27, 2010

BJP in progress & talented friends

My BJP for April will be titled 'April showers bring...' which means rain and of course an umbrella! This suggestion came from my friend Carol back in Michigan. I found a pix of an umbrella below to use as my design for a zentangle!
Here's my zentangle using the umbrella picture. I drew this on to what's called Friendly Felt. It's heavier than felt and I wanted to bead onto a background piece and then attached to my quilted background. I haven't done this before so it's a new technique for me.
Here's the progress so far using just orange and yellow size 11 beads. I'll be outlining the umbrella with a bronze seed bead and darker and lighter shades of brown for the handle. I got some really neat crystal drop beads that I'm going to use on the background for rain drops (along with two different size crystal bugle beads.
Now onto some of our talented friends! Peggy and Sammy are the nicest couples here in the community and both are so talented. This is a picture that Peggy painted and it's her first commission piece! This is the sixth hole here on the golf course and one of Peggy's friends asked her to paint the picture as a gift to the woman's husband. I think she did a great job and check out the swans!
Sammy, Peggy's husband, is also a very talented person. Sammy does wood carvings and here are just a few of his pieces.
I love this piece! Sammy actually had to in-lay pieces of wood on the sides to fill in the shape of the duck. Didn't he do a wonderful job!
I think this duck is called a snub nose? Maybe it was bullet? I'm not good at names of plants let alone names of ducks!
This is a piece Sammy is currently working on. He gave us one of his carvings a year or two ago and I just love it. Aren't they a talented couple! One carves and one paints! how cool is that!
Today temp is 79 (so far!). I've finished 3 loads of laundry, bathed and groomed Mandy and weeded and put three bags of mulch down for Larry. His house is so nice and the landscaping so pretty I enjoy trying to keep it up for him! We just love this house and want to treat it like our own. So my busy day has me now finished with a shower and I'm going to bead some more! I deserve a break and maybe a margarita when Bob gets home from golf!


  1. I absolutely love the umbrella! The colors are so bright and cheerful and the pattern is terrific. I can't wait to see the finished product. And very cool stuff from your painting/carving friends - I love herons, so the piece in progress is especially fun to look at.

  2. I could use an umbrella today! Very nice work on this piece, it will be a great theme for April. Your friends do some very fine work too, I have always admired wood carvers.


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