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Monday, March 29, 2010

Beading and Squawking!

The umbrella part for my April BJP is finished. The white you see around the edge is the Friendly Felt that I beaded on. I'll use this edge to stitch down with beads to outline the umbrella. First, I have to make the handle and bead it, then I can sew down the umbrella.
Here's the squawk part of my post! This is Gracie sitting outside this a.m. on the front porch. She's been a doll up until the past few days and now is back to her squawking. NO, not squawking..let's be honest. Screaming! Geezzz You can't image how her screams can get on your nerves. I had to put her in the bathroom yesterday afternoon while SKPEing my friend because I knew I wouldn't be able to hear her (Carol, not Gracie!).

Here is one of two pots of geraniums on the front porch. They are really in full bloom with lots of buds coming up.
This is one of the azalea bushes on the side of the garage door. Azalea bushes are all over here in the community. Different shades of pink, purples and even a beautiful orange color. Spring is here!
The flowers are so pretty and I can't count the number of pictures of azalea's I've taken over the past few years in Florida! Not sure why I keep taking them as I don't ever do anything with the pictures.
Oh, this was a little visitor working his way outside from the Lani. I'm sure he'll be dinner for one of the many birds around but I didn't have the heart to kill him. Maybe he'll get lucky and live a few more days!


  1. Your umbrella is turning out great! I could use it even more today as it is very stormy, our power was out for a couple hours this morning. I don't know what is up with the blogs now, I had to refresh yours 3 times before I could even see the umbrella photo and your header never did appear. so that heavy weight felt is working well for this? Good, i will keep it in mind. Is Gracie your bird or does she live in that house? And I can't tell, is that a snake or a worm? Beautiful flowers. It is almost time for the rhododendrons around here to start blooming, they thrive in this climate.

  2. April showers bring May flowers..... Lovely work! Soooo many beads!
    FWIW; my parakeets have been on the rampage of late. Maybe it's just the time of year. I still don't know how so much PEEP can come out of those little bodies; yes, I do have some idea how much volume Gracie could put out! (She looks quite content with the flowers though!)


  3. That umbrella is beautiful and so is Gracie. Have you featured her in any of your artwork?


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