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Monday, March 15, 2010

Laughter is always the best medicine!

Yes, laughter is the best medicine (next to fresh air!)...Sunday, Carol and I attended the Master Garden show here in Ocala as we have for the past several years. It was a beautiful day out and we had fun as usual! More on that later...
This is a Hawaiian Volcano Plant I purchased at the show. If you look closely, you'll see it's actually growing out of a piece of lava rock! Talk about easy to care for but so unusual. I purchased it for Larry and Jan...Larry found an item I was trying to find via the Internet and Jan had flowers all over the house when we arrived in Dec. Just a little thank you to them both!
This is just one shot of some vendors at the show..doesn't really mean anything to anyone but I thought family and friends would like to see sun and flowers for a change!

Every year there's a great vendor with the orchids. Good thing I don't live in Florida because I would purchased a new orchid plant every year!
Same orchid vendor booth.
OK, so here's the fun part or cure all....I've been under the weather and actually didn't feel so hot heading out to the garden show..but I really wanted to get out in the fresh air and I always enjoy attending this show with Carol. So our first stop was at Starbucks for coffee then off to the garden show to walk around and breath deeply! Sun was shining and just a beautiful day to be out and about...

Now we're ready to leave after all the fresh air and sun and head out to the car when we both look at each other hoping 'the other one of us' remembers where the car is at! Here's Carol telling me she remembered there were only 3 spots to park and that's where our car is at...hmmmmm In this next pix you can see just a few of the cars....and this is Carol hitting the alarm button..we heard an alarm but it turned out that another person (a man this time!! YEA!) also had the same idea! He couldn't find his car either!! And we did see him leaving just ahead of us when we did find out car!
So we're searching.....
and searching...........
and YEA we finally found it! I think we laughed so hard we both had tears in our eyes. You see the really fun part is we did this same thing last year but at WalMart! Only problem then we both had grocery carts we had to lug up and down aisle to aisle because I was embarrassed to hit the alarm button. We did have a friendly retiree sitting in his vehicle laughing while watching us go up and down the aisles. At least we shared our laughter that day!
So after a rather good night's sleep, I was and am still feeling pretty good today. Finally...just my normal aches and pains which I can handle. Carol came over and she worked on her quillow for her grand son. It's turning out really cute and she should be done this weekend sometime. But...more 'medicine/laughter'.....

It seems Carol cut her finger rather badly last Thursday on a can. She's been keeping a rather large bandage on her thumb to keep it from bending and to try to make sure it doesn't start to bleed or open up again.

To make a long story longer...I mean shorter, last summer my beautiful daughter cut her finger on a bagel knife and the pharmacist recommended she use SuperGlue to hold the cut together. It worked last Thanksgiving I had a rotary cutter accident and I ended up (after four days of still bleeding) using the SuperGlue on my finger. Again, worked perfectly! You see where this is I recommended to Carol she use some SuperGlue on her finger too.....she asked me to put some on and I did! Well, we got to laughing quite hard about the SuperGlue finger and how was she going to put on antibiotic ointment on it now? And will the darn glue ever dry? OK, so I might have put on too much but it's all sealed now! I did see Carol later and she said her finger actually felt really good and she thinks the SuperGlue was a great idea! So another convert!! Yea for SuperGlue! Oh, check out the beautiful bracelet Carol is wearing...we bought this yesterday after the garden show...a girls got to shop you know!

So that's my Rx for illness...fresh air and laughter...the best medicine! Thanks, Carol for making me feel better!

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