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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Art work is coming soon!

I really am working on my art work and I'll be showing pix on future posts soon..but...say hello to Rosie! Is she a doll or what! Rosie is the greeter when you visit Jan and Larry! OK, visit wasn't the word for last night! Food feast is more like it! Jan and Larry invited John, Marilyn, Bob and I over for a crab leg feast! I don't even think feast is the right word.
Here's Jan working hard preparing Bang Bang Shrimp which we've never had before but will again! Bang Bang Fish is a dish on the menu from Bonefish Grill. Jan found a recipe for it and it was soooooo good!
So here is our hostess. Jan is a beautiful lady, inside and out! And always outdoes herself as a hostess!

Larry is the crab leg chef! These were the best crab legs Bob and I have had in ages!! Larry, besides being a hunk, is also a good cook! A fusser eater but a good cook!
Of course there were drinks...just a few...
And then we ate, and ate, and ate....
and kept eating......
Just a peak at my plate...everything was just delicious.
And fresh strawberry shortcake for dessert!!! I did bring lemon pie soup..that's another story!
The guys chilling after dinner. Bob took a little nap while they were watching basketball. I think this was the latest we've stayed out at night in so long! We didn't get home until after 11:30! Talk about night owls..which we aren't!
We did have such a nice visit with everyone. A huge THANK YOU, Jan and Larry! And thanks, John for driving! Marilyn and I just sat in the back seat groaning about how much we ate!

So, here's my background piece I quilted for my April BJP. Can you guess what it's going to be??? Actually, you need to turn the piece so it's portrait 'wise'. I forgot to do that before I uploaded it. I'm going to try a different approach to my work this month. I'd like to bead my piece then attach to my background. I see where some beaders use felt and I'm not sure what others use. I need to research to see what would work best to bead on.
I keep forgetting to put a pix of my woven pouch I made from our last weaver's meeting! So here it is! I think it's a clever technique and would be perfect for Amber and even Nick to do this summer.
Another beautiful day today. I actually sat outside yesterday afternoon in the sun and read (yep, War & Peace is almost finished!) but I only got sun burn on my knee caps! go figure! I'm now doing the hand stitching on my KISS project, which is due the end of April so I have something to do while I sit out. I almost started a different KISS project because I wasn't happy with some of the machine stitching design I did so I ripped it all out! I'll show before and after pics. Now I'm happy with it and I think the hand stitching will work out well. So off to get my day moving!

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  1. Looks like a wonderful and filling time was had by all! Now I'm hungry but I won't be getting any crab legs, maybe a muffin will tide me over. Looking forward to seeing you progress on your latest BJP, the background is lovely.


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