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Monday, March 22, 2010

KISS Challenge in progress

OK, before I get into my KISS challenge project....My DIL sent this email today:

Well – we were just notified at 8 this am that Amber’s audition for Charlie and the Chocolate Factory seems to have gone well. Amber is playing the part of Regina (Charlie’s Grandmother). She is VERY excited.

Amber is only 10 and how great that she even wanted to audition! Yikes!! She always sings in the concerts and just enjoys being on stage! How exciting for her (& us!).

So this is my design for the KISS challenge sponsored by Dijanne. The piece measures 20" x 20".

Dijanne's rules are quit simple:

KISS- Keep it Simple Stupid)- make a 50 cm square quilt using only two coloured fabrics ( or white for that matter) and threads ( as many colours as you would like) but using only straight stitch by hand or machine- no fancy stitches- of course straight stitching can be done in any form- and absolutely no embellishing- just fabric and stitch and your imagination!

My friend Mary gave me on of her beautiful snow dyed pieces of fabric and I thought it would be perfect for this challenge. I also had a great blue/purple piece that I screened printed a year or so ago that I was going to use but decided against it. KISS, least that's what I have to keep telling myself!

So this was the start of my piece. Because I don't do straight lines well...I thought I should challenge myself to include some in my piece. Hard to see in this pix so you might have to click on it to see better.

Here's some of the lines finished. I'm using different color threads for both hand and machine stitching. I know..some of my lines aren't straight. I must have some type of attention deficit when it comes to sewing mind and hand both wander!

Here's some of the hand stitching I'm doing in the small circles. I'm using perle cotton both commercial and some that I hand dyed a year or two ago.

And here are some of the larger circles I'm hand stitching. There are only a few more larger ones to do then I'll finish adding some more to the smaller circles.

I just love doing the hand work and it's really hard for me to KISS! I mean really hard! This is a good challenge and I'm glad I signed up to do it. I'm sure Dijanne won't think it's simple but for me it sure is!

Friday and Sat. were beautiful days here and I actually got sun burned! But only on my knee caps and upper arms! I was stitching on my piece while sitting outside so you can figure out why only those areas got 'kissed' by the sun! Sure looks funny! Sunday it did rain all day and today it's overcast one minute and sunny the next. A nice breeze out (Bob calls it wind!) but it still should get in the mid to high 60's. Kids arrived in Florida safe and sound and we'll be meeting up with them one day this week. hope the weather holds out for them.

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  1. Robbie! Wow. Your KISS is looking brilliant! Your straight lines aren't that shabby!



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