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Saturday, March 11, 2017

More talent

I posted back in February about the Fairy doll given to us by Beth.  She makes the best dolls!

You can see that post here.  This is a closeup of  the Fairy Beth made for me.

I asked Beth if she had any more Fairy dolls or if she could make me one.  I wanted to give one to my Florida bud, Sally!  And this is the doll she made!   Kinda looks like me!  HA

Beth does such a great job and adds so much detail to her dolls.  I wish I had pictures of the Christmas dolls she makes!  Maybe she'll allow me to share pictures when I go to her house next month.

I think she's adorable and now when I'm back in Michigan Sally can look at the doll and think of me!  I'll always be by her side!

When Beth brought me Sally's doll, she had another one in case I didn't like the first one!   How could you not like her dolls!

Well, I thought this one was as adorable so I'm giving it to Sally's grand daughter Alexis!  Isn't she cute too!!  I hope Alexis likes her Fairy doll and she and her grandma will each have one to remember me by!

Alexis was up visiting her grandma (they now live in Florida!!) and she gave me a ring and a bookmark she made from the rubber bands!

Ignore the old bent fingers!  But wasn't that sweet of Alexis!!  

I look forward to seeing her again and will post a picture of this adorable young lady, once her grandma and mom approve!

And a huge thanks again to Beth for sharing her talent with my friends and I!!!


  1. Aren’t we blessed to have such creative and generous friends?!?!

  2. Gifts galore! Those dolls are just wonderful. I'm interested in doll making, but my stuffing skills are lacking. Did not realize until I tried making one, that stuffing is actually a skill. But those tiny hands and bends- not simple. Beth has mastered it for sure. Your friend will treasure this.

  3. Great dolls. Yes, the one you gave Sally does look a bit like you, sans white curly haired pooches, lol.
    xx, Carol